All meetings are open to the public. Come and share your opinions and ideas!!!!!


Board Meeting : The Monday preceding the General Meeting 5:30 PM -7:00 PM. Location may vary.


This meeting is open to the public but prior request must be made if you would like to be added to the agenda to speak at the meeting.


 General Meeting: The Third Saturday of Every Month


10:00 AM-Noon at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen - 1264 Meldrum.


 Contact MEBCA for Dates and Times :  Membership Meeting, Safety Committee Meeting, Infrastructure Meeting.


 How can you get involved?




Through your volunteer efforts our neighborhood can and will continue to be a safe place to live.


One hour or two hours of your time could make a huge difference.




General Meeting Presentation 03/18/17 CPAD Arts Committee Meeting 03/20/17 General Meeting Presentation 04/15/17 Notes from General Meeting 02/18/17 Notes from General Meeting 01/21/17